MobiVAT Tax Administration
is a suite of applications designed
to handle the entire VAT
collection process from
beginning to end.
A system that collects the VAT due on
each transaction at the point it is traded.
The VAT payable is not deposited
into the merchant's bank account
but is immediately transferred to the
relevant tax authority.
MobiVAT is designed to automatically
extract taxes rather than leave the
payment of taxes to the voluntary
choice and morality of taxpayers. By
and large, taxpayers of all countries do
not want to pay taxes unless compelled
by a situation where they are left
with no option other than to pay the taxes.
Towards a simpler, more robust and
efficient VAT system … MobiVAT
is shaping the future of VAT!On the
brink of a new VAT Revolution,
tomorrow sellers and buyers alike
do not have to even know about VAT.
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United Kingdom £17,000,000,000









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