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but a pure consumption tax

Making VAT easy


mission is to act as an agent of the Government to serve the nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy.


systems are designed to simplify the VAT system, as VAT is not a business tax, but pure consumption tax.


systems are designed to automaticity extract VAT rather than leave the payment of VAT to the voluntary choice and morality of taxpayers.


keeps VAT simple, more robust and easy to comply with and easy to collect.

Making VAT easy!

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The ability to collect taxes is central to a country’s capacity to finance social services such as health and education, critical infrastructure such as electricity and roads, and other public goods.

Act as an agent of the Government to serve the nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy.

A dynamic team of competent and committed people and community in nation-building and inclusive growth.

corporate goals are to:

• Foster a competitive tax environment that supports inclusive growth
• Enhance organisational and achieve a high level of staff competence and satisfaction

• INTEGRITY - Do what is right without fear or favour in all circumstances
• PROFESSIONALISM - Serve our nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy
• INNOVATION - Continuously seek new ways to do our work better

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Issues addressed by MobiVAT solution!


Why Use MobiVAT?

The VAT amount element is detached from the buyer’s payment and is remitted electronically to the tax revenue authority from the buyers’ bank account. In doing so VAT never reaches the account of the merchant

Current VAT Regime challenges

Current VAT Regime challenges The majority of VAT laws were written before the emergence of many digital technology advances. In this context, those laws are showing signs of age, as the rules tend not to track consumption of goods and services as well as they should.

  • The lack of adaptation to technological advances means that tax administrations are unable to use the technological advances that are widely available today.
  • Lack of speed makes VAT fraud an issue! The delay between a merchant collecting tax from a sale and remitting it to the tax authority.
  • Weak drive to use ICT to increase the efficient collection of tax revenues willingness to ensure that VAT collection mechanisms reflect the evolving retail environment.
  • Concerns about online merchants based outside the country that are not complying with their VAT obligations correctly and costing a substantial amounts in lost tax revenue.

Measuring Administrative Costs

Compliance with tax laws does not occur without effort: it must be created, cultivated, monitored and enforced in all countries. In economic terms, of course, effort is just another word for cost, and tax compliance costs have been a concern for centuries.

  • Administrative public sector costs: Budget of the revenue department and other relevant authorities, ii) Judiciary and other related dispute resolution costs.
  • Compliance cost incurred by private sector: Complying with legal obligations, tax planning and other costs incurred by third party.

VAT Administrative burdens

VAT administrative burdens The current VAT system contains fundamental flaws and suffers from assumptions that are overly broad and ultimately unnecessary.

A series of patches and Band-Aids are being adopted as Benefits practices and part of an in depth compliance strategy.
And although these compliance practices are helpful in protecting tax revenues in a generic sense. They do not focus on the real issues of the tax collection systems.

Rethinking VAT Model

The use of MobiVAT presents many benefits for Tax Revenue Authorities, including faster processing requiring fewer resources and reducing the collection cost Split payment: The VAT element is automatically split off from the buyers payment at the point of payment.

The VAT element is electronically remitted to the tax authority from the buyer’s bank account The VAT never reach the merchant account Elimination of VAR return: Remove the need for the merchants to collect and account for VAT on behalf of their Tax Authorities.

Hence removing the merchant’s compliance obligation by supressing the VAT declaration. Refund Mechanisms Quicker mechanism of VAT return for B2B. For compliant business with good trach records, the process of dealing with refund could virtually be automated

Making VAT easy!


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